Sunday, 12 December 2010

Talkie Time

Wherein I babble incomprehensibly about stuff! Because it's frankly been far too long and Dramatic Commentaries are no real substitution. Or lists. I'm trying not to think about lists...

First, an update on the status of my little corner of the interwebs. That's this place if you're not keeping up. Although to be fair, I do have several maintained accounts on various websites... But I digress! The Man With Stuff has finally reached the stage where it's getting daily views from all over the world. My sources tell my I'm somehow quite big in the Americas with people that run Internet Explorer and Firefox. I've also somehow got readers in Denmark, which is always nice. My total views are at 571, which I am chuffed to bits about, especially since I've not been babbling for long! So yeah, chuffed on that!

In other news, I'm disappointed in the current lack of news on the telly. I remarked several times during the news a few hours ago that there just seems to be trivia on. The only thing approaching real news was when the newsreader merrily informed me of a gas explosion at a house in Leeds.  What followed after that was what felt like hours of bellydancers, football, and Santas having a race in Lincoln. It was terrible and I nearly lost the will to live.Indeed, I'm nearly losing the will to live just by writing about it.

Moving on, we now have a brand spanking new bathroom in the house! It's very snazzy and chromey. And there's an enormous radiator/towel rail which is the most wonderful thing that's ever been installed in this house. Es ist gut, ja? Ja! On the flip side, the paint fumes are starting to affect my mind. As in, I am feeling very bleh. On the other flip side, the house is nearly ready to put onto the market! So that we can move around the corner. No really. Well, it's technically around the corner and about a mile up the road, but it's a lovely area, truly lovely. So here's hoping for that!

The snow's making things difficult. Or should I say, it WAS. For those unaware, Britain just had it's most awesome winter for 80 years, and stuff got well and truly buried as the country drove to an utter and complete halt. It didn't really effect me, as I'm within walking distance of everywhere I need to go. My family was worse affected, as they both need to drive to get to where they need to be. It's melting now, so sadface to that. I was kind of enjoying the utter chaos it was causing. Plus it felt Christmassy. Bah, here's hoping for a white Christmas anyway!

Until next time, that's all for this brief update!


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