Saturday, 25 December 2010


Yes, Merry Christmas everyone! I'm a little bit drunk at the moment... As such, I'm relying on my Firefox spellchecker to guide me through so I don't make an utter div of myself. Oh dear, I don't even remember what I've already drank...

So, how are you all? I trust and hope you're having a good Crimble, dear reader? I do hope you are. Christmas hasn't historically been a very good time for me, if I'm honest. Three years ago, I spent Christmas with my grandmother in hospital. She was the closest family member I had. She passed away from cancer while I held her hand, coming up to midnight. A year later, my best friend, Ian Haynes, was killed on the 16th of January in a car crash near London. This year, you know one of my better friends, Micheal Hanlon, was recently taken from us, aged 20.

Anyway, enough doom and gloom, allow me to tell you what I got. I shall present it in list from! Because  we all like lists, don't we? You should, you know. Lists are good.

  • A brand-spanking new telly for my room 22" of Freeview plasma joy. At least, it will be when an aerial is set up for the house. Until then, I'm quite content using it for DVD's.
  • Black Books, series 1-3 on DVD, which I'm watching at the moment. I've actually never seen it, but I've been quite vocal about how good it looks based on adverts. And I'm not wrong at all! It is marvelous indeed, and very funny.
  • The entire boxset of Cracker, on DVD. With my background and deep interest in psychology and criminology, this isn't surprising. I've repeatedly said how good I think the series is, and I've previously watched most of the episodes. I love Cracker, I think it's excellent.
  • Pub Landlord on DVD. Al Murray's live... Somewhere. The drink won't let me remember. But suffice to say that having a DVD of one of my favorite comedians is lovely.
  • The entie boxset of Monty Python's flying Circus. Well, that certainly beats me stalking every HMV trying to find an individual series!
  • DVD's out of the way, what else did I get? A black overcoat. It's very snazzy indeed. Actually, I was there when it was bought, reduced from £300. I've had it on for the past two hours, simply because it's so warm. And stylish, of course.
  • Several shirts. The last count resulted in my having about four. Or five. Actually, I have eight new shirts. They're all snazzy and stylish, so I'm happy. I had a funny feeling about that actually, and even remarked about getting shirts earlier in the day. I don't particularly mind, as I'm boosting my appearance to someone who dresses smart because he damn well feels like it. I was actually like that before, but I've just gone overboard now.
  • Socks. Obviously.
  • Boxers. Obviously. Including a pair of bright green ones that a friend sent as a joke. I think they'd make a good talking point, actually. The less said about that, however, the better.
  • Several giftcards, to shops all over the country. Theoretically, I could buy everything I could ever want with these.
  • A solar alarm clock. 'Solar' in that is wakes you up gradually, rather than suddenly. It's supposed to stop me being murderous when I wake up. I've actually heard about these, but I thought they were bullshit. We'll see, eh, dear reader?
  • Food and shower-stuff, rather obviously. At least it means I don't have to get any during the next year. Again.
  • Aftershave. Another obvious one for me. Avon Signature, it's called. Fan-dabby-dozy.
  • Belts. Lots of them. Fair enough, I can never have enough belts.
  • A gorillapod. It's like a tripod with bendy legs. You can wrap it around things. It's much more useful that you might think. The model I got is suited to compact cameras, which, while I always carry, I rarely make use of, but at least it's an excuse to buy every other tripod in the range.
  • T-shirts. Several of the buggers, al v-nick with buttons, because that's the way I roll.
  • £50 from various relatives. It can all go towards... Something. Something that I've not yet decided on. But it shall be glorious.
Naturally, I had a turkey dinner, which was filling and tasty. And a Christmas pudding soaked in brandy and cream. Which was equally tasty. So yeah, I'm having a pretty good day so far, we've even managed to avoid an argument! Although that statement's probably put the kiss of death on it. Bah, never mind.

I'll see you all next time! Do enjoy the rest of your day!


Luke Clarke said...

Impressive haul

Compared to my 4 bottles of Jack Daniels and socks anyway!

Teddy Leach said...

LC: You got four bottles of Jack. I'd be very happy indeed :P And possibly very, very drunk by now. Heh, everyone gets socks. I hope you got magic socks!

It beats my normal yearly haul anyway :P

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