Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Humble Indie Bundle

What a fucking lovely announcement this is! Yup, the Humble Indie Bundle is upon us once again. I missed the last one as I was in the throes of terrible food poisoning. I was vomiting blood and missed an awesome deal. It was not good.

The concept behind this thing is lovely: there's a bundle of games created by independent developers (hence, Indie), and you can pay whatever the hell you want for all of them. Want to pay a penny? You can damn well pay a penny, and legally own all those lovely games. One thing should stop you for doing that though: it's for charity. This time it's the Child's Play Charity. And we've also got the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the developers themselves. If you bought all those games separately, it'd cost you $84. I'm not sure what that is in real money, so I payed them 50 of my English Pounds and got a warm, fuzzy feeling. Someone donated $666, which was funny.

Do you know what else is nice? It contains Build 24 of Cortex Command, which has been in development for nearly 2 years. A lovely surprise it was for the whole internet.

You've got 6 days left to grab the bargain of the year, so get your arse over to the HIB site and give them some money! You'll own the games forever, with no DRM whatsoever. It's good. Do it. Do it now.

Until next time!


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