If, for some utterly mad and unfathomable reason, you would like to give me money so that I can feed and entertain myself, you are the most wonderful person on this planet, dear reader, and I will shower you with praise and admiration.

Considering that I completely avoid subjecting you to adverts, I need to get money from other avenues. Of course, donating is completely up to you - you certainly don't need to give me any money.

If, however, you do, I accept all forms of major credit card. Well, my PayPal account does. If you've gone utterly insane and have decided to go one better than sending me electronic money, you can send me items to do video reviews on. If you'd like to send me something for that, you can email me for my PO Box address. It may be best if you live in the UK, but you can quite merrily send things from all over the world, so long as you're mindful about international postage costs.

The amount you can donate is completely up to you, dear reader.

My, that's an ugly button.

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