Monday, 6 December 2010

Dramatic Commentaries!

Behold, I am creating a new feature! Can you feel the excitement? You should.

This semi-regular feature (based entirely on the quality of my memory and the energy in my brain and fingers) will be known as the Dramatic Commentaries (capitalised for effect. Feel the effect). Now, I have kept you in suspense for a few lines now, so I'll explain to you what this new feature is!

Do you know what a fanfic is? If not, read and learn: it's a piece of fiction written by a fan of a series. The fanfic will usually conform to the established canon of the series. A 'badfic', however, does not conform to the established canon. Or indeed, established sanity. Sanity does not exist in the world of the badfic. A Dramatic Commentary (and no, I'm NEVER going to stop capitalising it) is where I soullessly rip out entire chapters of badfic and post them here, along with my own comments.

It will be glorious. And painful.

Until next time! (which may well be in a few minutes)


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