Saturday, 1 January 2011

Photographic Escapades

Yes, I have had escapades today! As you know if you've been paying attention, I have undertaken the 365 project, wherein I must take a photograph of artistic quality every damn day for a year. My argument is that I'll grow as a photographer, and it'll also make a nice portfolio if I ever need to make one. I can see already, however, that this is going to be difficult: making sets around the house will only last me so many days. I say that, but I haven't even tried yet... Bah! A large problem, however, is that my usual photographic hunting ground (sort of a *wiggles fingers around in a circle repeatedly* place...Biggish place. Ish) will eventually run out of interesting things. Or mundane things. You're talking to the man who made a piece of orange safety netting into some fine-art photography, using only camera angles and high contrast. It'll simply run out of things. I can see it becoming awkward, having to go further afield when I've already had a long day. Ooh boy...

Anyway, I want out about three hours ago and had an hour's walk around my hunting ground with my camera. I hereby present you with the second photograph of the project!

Behold! It's Still Christmas!

There's a little story behind the photograph of the keypad above. The owner spotted me clicking away through his window. Bloody curtain-twitcher... I don't do things like that! He promptly asked me what the hell I thought I was doing, informed me that it was illegal (which it isn't) and told me to get off his property (which I wasn't on. I was still on the street). I informed him that as a photographer, I am perfectly within my rights to take photographs of everything in plain sight. That applies to public, private, and some government property. He made a flapping motion with his hands and walked back inside. If he'd have threatened me with legal action, or just plain threatened me, I'd probably have stoved his skull in with my camera. Some people! Bloody charming.

Until next time!


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