Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Aimless Rambling

Monsieur Luke Clarke said something to me after this place's overhaul: it was something along the lines of my banner being boring. And indeed, he is correct! I've not had the virtue of encountering a small rubber man while walking in the rain, so I can not use one for my banner. Unlike him! I mean, just look at it!

I'm sure he won't mind me pilfering it to show you, dear reader... Then I went on Newgrounds and came across this beast of a... thing.
 It was at that point I was struck by the urge to get a proper banner. It'll have... stuff... on it. I just need to brainstorm a few ideas and then get around to drawing it! It will be glorious, dear reader.

In other news, if you live in England, you may be aware of a breakfast programme on the TV called 'This Morning'. I watch it now and again. It's been going a bit... funny recently, especially for daytime TV. Case in point today: there was a large gentleman waxing other large gentleman's arsecracks. It was utterly horrific. Oh, and Gino dicampo was cooking naked. The programme really has gone a bit funny, dear reader.

In yet more other news, I've done some more film photography. Last Wednesday, I took my own film SLR to York and got me 36 exposures. Last Friday, it went into the development tub and came out with several corrupted exposures, which was irritating. As I recall, I'm missing 8 or so. Yesterday, I developed a few of them. For some reason I was overcome with the compulsion to get the printing trays ready with only the safety light on. I then proceeded to commit an epic fail: instead of using paper developer, I used film developer. Those of you who are not photographically minded may be wondering what the difference is? Film developer is bright yellow and stinks of dead bodies. And I know what they smell like, dear reader. Paper developer is browny and smells like vinegar. They also have completely different chemical compositions and are, therefore, designed to do completely different things. Crazy shit happens when you use the wrong developer. Of the few photographs I printed with the wrong developer, all were cloudy and eerie, which was a brilliant example of a titular 'happy accident'. After changing the developer (and spilling it on my shirt, making me smell like a morgue), the prints started coming out much clearer. I'll hopefully have some scanned for you on Friday, dear reader.

What else had gone down in the street? The 365 project's going well, although it's not exactly motivated me to constantly carry a camera. Consequently, I've been taking photographs of things around the house. Such as this replica SS dagger:
And this deck of cards:
And my watch:
It will get worse, trust me on that, dear reader.

Other than all that crazy crap, nothing much has happened in my world recently. Although I am getting the urge to do a DC... Hmm...

Until next time!


Luke Clarke said...

Sir, you made me lol...

Those are some fantastic pictures too, you're a great photographer.

Thanks for the plug, my friend has more drawings in store for that little rubber man!

Teddy Leach said...

LC: Danke, sir! I'll need to find something interesting to draw :P And y'know, actually draw it.

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