Sunday, 9 January 2011

Ramblings Of The Insane

By 'insane', I of course mean, I. Me. Myself. Yes. Pancake. Permit me to ramble, dear reader! What is new in the world of Teddy? Is anything new? Have new things made themselves known? Am I going crazy? Have I already gone crazy?

Well, I'm back playing Urban Dead, or UD, as the players like to call it. I've resurrected my PKer, Scheffer, and rejoined Red Rum, which may go some way to explain my utter madness. Pancake. I've also resurrected an old Pro-survivor account, who certainly does not go by the name of Teddy. Oh no, sir. I suggest you start playing UD. All of you. NOW! It's fun and also has a lovely metagame. Provided you don't join a group that takes itself too seriously. Please note that from now on, I may refer to myself as 'Scheffer' simply by virtue of my getting confused as to who I really am. Pancake. So that's new at any rate. It's worth mentioning that I actually am drinking rum while writing this, which may also help to explain my sudden insanity.

This post was originally going to be a light-hearted debate which looked into the issue of whether I'm normal and the rest of the world's insane. From a purely vain point of view, I'd say that that is true. You're all insane and I'm normal. Thank you and goodnight. Elvis has left the building. Then I saw something shiny and stopped writing. Then I started drinking the rum and started writing this. And then I realised that I am utterly doolally. Pancake. The thing that motivated me to write that post (which will never be written, but summarised here. Somewhat) is my photographic escapade that occurred earlier today. Much earlier. If you've been keeping up with this blog, or know me personally, you'll know I'm the sort of person that would wear a tuxedo to a Saturday night party; I constantly dress well. Not so much because I can, although that does play a part, but because I enjoy it. And so, when I went out earlier I dressed as if it was Summer, as if to show my utter contempt for those who were dressed like it was the Arctic, which was pretty much the rest of the country. As if mocking their thin skins, I wore a short-sleeved shirt with the top two buttons undone (as per. It's still the 80's in my world), jeans, black leather shoes, and a cream linen jacket. I was the very definition of Summer dress, even though it was 5 degrees outside. And people looked at me as if I had two heads and one had just announced it's engagement to the other. The SLR camera probably didn't help, but you know what I mean. I'm the type of person who puts a smart shirt on to go out, even if it's just to the shops. I'll feel overdressed, but I don't particularly care, as that's who I am. I'm rapidly starting to think that England just isn't a place where you can dress nicely any more. Bah. Personally, I think you're lazy if you never make the effort with your appearance, but that's just me. I'm the reverse: I always make so much of an effort (although it's pretty effortless nowadays) that I'm no longer capable of dressing down. As in physically incapable: my wardrobe will not allow it! It's resulted in my grouping my shirts by my very own 'style factor'. This stripy short-sleeved one I've had on today? Yeah, that one's good for going down to the shops in... The embroidered purple one that cost an obscene amount of money and requires cufflinks? That's so stylish that it can only be worn to dinner.

Ramblings about clothes out of the way, what else can I talk about? Hmm... Ah, photography! We all love photography. Except those of us that don't. I do though, so there. The 365 project's going well.. In fact, I've only got 355 more days to do! Hmm... That sounds like a lot when I type it. Today's piccy is this:

It's one of those bloody signs telling you that you'll get an extortionate fine if you allow your dog to defecate without cleaning it up! I especially like the way that they always have wiggly lines coming off the poo, as if it's steaming. I could post the rest of the photographs I've done so far, but it'd be much quicker to ask you to go here and see for yourself.

So what else is new? Work? Nope, nothing new there, although you'll be the first to learn of anything new, dear reader. 2011? Nope, it's a pretty boring year so far. Existence? Nope, de nada new. Fish and chips? Yes, please! Seeing as nothing's new, may I again recommend that you follow a friend of mine? Luke Clarke will be happy for the readers. He's a nice chap like that.

Until next time!


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