Friday, 29 October 2010

Photography Today

Browsing through deviantART, it's interesting to note just how... uniform most photography now is on there. As a whole it's largely 'clean'. Too clean, I would say. It's all very low contrast, with balanced exposures. Whites tend to be pure, and colours clearly defined. Composition is generally good, though the images tend to be flat and uninteresting. While there's nothing wrong with this style (and don't get me wrong, it's a style. There's never a 'right' way with photography), it is interesting to note just how saturated we are with these images now.

It's become so that images that try to be different and follow different styles stick out an uncomfortable amount. It's simply a question of style: most photographers nowadays will have learned by looking at the work of the modern 'greats', and have attempted to emulate them. It's really the only real style they know, and they rarely try out new things, leading to the current state of things.

Yes, my work mainly goes against the norm, with it's grungy, high-contrast chiaroscuro style. That's not to say I'm blowing my own trumpet, as I'm critical of my own work. At the same time, I'm critical of photographers that just follow the trend, rather than creating their own style. It's flat and, dare I say, commercial. Modernism taken to the point where it's spreading to everyone else. It's got to the point where you can't pick out a 'good', 'impressive', or 'breathtaking' photograph, due simply to the incredible similarity they all share.

Now, I tried my hand at that style in the days when I didn't know any better, and decided it was too similar to other work I'd seen. Therefore, I developed my own style which I have not seen another photographer use. Is that because it's crap? Perhaps. But I'm going against photography's modern nature, and that's what counts. I'm not trying to appeal to other people (which others clearly are), I'm just doing it for the love of my hobby.

With that said, I'm all for following someone else's style if you, personally, like it and want your work to be like it. But at the same time, I believe photographers should be distinct in their styles.

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