Saturday, 30 October 2010


Hello world! May I point your attention to my opinion of fireworks. But first, may I point your attention to my dear friend, Luke Clarke, epic and talented musician: I command thee to go there and follow him religiously, because he is very talented and has an awesome beard. I too have a beard, but that is besides the point.

The point is fireworks! Those lovely little things some people fire into the sky, where they explode into shiny colours. The key words here are:
You can see why they appeal to people, and I have no quibbles with them. I do, however, have quibbles with people letting them off in the middle of the day. The afternoon, specifically. When it's still light. 3 o'clock in the freakin' afternoon.

Why do these deeply immature people feel the need to let off fireworks, which can only be really seen at night, in the middle of the afternoon? I suspect I answered this question with the word 'immature'. Maybe they just like the banging noise. That came out wrong.

Even so, is there any real need? Put the clappers on today's photography, I can tell you. That and the wind. And it was a pure blue sky, totally clear, while I work best with overcast skies. But I digress! Fireworks are immoral and silly when it's light. They are just wasting good fireworks that could be used for an actual special occasion. Or just because. It's Halloween tomorrow (like the TV could ever let you forget), so we'll probably have some more then. Bah, I'm just looking forward to the Most Haunted special. Staying up till silly times watching funny/scary programs for the epic win.

I'll almost certainly blog tomorrow night. I'll almost certainly be drinking copious amounts of wine and/or beer and/or whiskey.

Until next time!


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