Saturday, 2 October 2010


Well, it was suggested to me a while ago, that I should write a blog. Perhaps it's because I'm opinionated. Perhaps it's because I can talk seemingly endless reams of utter rubbish. Who knows.

Well, I suppose I should flex my ego and talk about myself. Hmm... I'm sure there's a bio thingymidoodah somewhere around here... Ah, what the hell!

I'm a male gamer and let's player on YouTube. I'm an avid and enthusiastic amateur photographer with dubious talent, besides people who still insist I've got talent. I refuse to listen to their laiz. I'm very English, living in the North of England, where the sun never shines and the rain melts your face off. My sense of humour is dark and very twisted, having been subjected for many years to horror films, black comedy, heavy metal, and the strange and peculiar things that happen daily in this... wonderful... world we inhabit. Despite all this, I'm determined to be somewhat cheerful, even if it kills me. Which it probably will.

What else can I waffle on about... uh, I'm an amateur 'chef' (in the loosest possible sense), and thus am obsessed with creating food. I'm also something of a writer, and enjoy horror novels. Aaand I was gonna say some other crap, but it's deserted my mind and is likely on it's way to Miami to live it up. I'm tempted to join it.

Any road up, throughout my blogging years, which will hopefully be many and prosperous, I'll talk a load of assorted bollocks. About gaming, cookery, photography, current affairs, life, and very likely more stuff than you can shake a stuff-shaped stick at.

Now to find that bio section...

Until next time!



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