Sunday, 3 October 2010

Lego Ashens

If you don't know who Stuart Ashen is, he's a bloke from Norwich who's on the internet. Just Google his name, and you'll happen upon his website. Alternatively, if you're too lazy to:

If, however, you go to his YouTube channel and watch his latest video (about Lego) or read his latest Tweets: , you will learn that he has made a peculiar little Lego set in an effort to raise money for WaterAid - a very noble cause that gives death-free water to people that don't have it. Such as people in Grimsby.

All joking aside, this is a very worthy cause. The fund-raising effort is quite simple: he has put up one of his odd little Lego sets onto Ebay. The highest bidder by the 10th of October will win it, and his or her cash will be sent to WaterAid, which will be spent, presumably, on something to do with water. If you win, you can also ask Stuart to sign it for you, and probably ask him for other crap to be included, because he's nice like that.

It's already up to £100 in a few short hours, with 45 bidders. With 6 days left, it'll probably reach astronomical heights, but at least you could get that warm and fuzzy feeling by bidding, which I myself have done.

The link for the auction is here:

Also, on the video there is a debate raging about whether the plural of Lego is 'Legos'. Which it isn't. just as the plural of sheep is not 'sheeps'. Although that would be pretty funny.

Anyway, until next time!



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