Thursday, 3 February 2011

Phone Horror

Dear reader, today is a sad day. I'll just let that sink in for a minute. To help it sink in, stare at the image below until you feel adequately saddened.

Look at it. Look at it.

Why is today a sad day, dear reader? I shall tell you. Today is a sad day because this is the day that I have decided that I need a new phone. Yes, I know... This shouldn't make me sad, right? True, that's what I thought at first! Then I opened up a few Firefox tabs and a phone catalogue. Then I became sad. I never used to believe in the concept of 'too much choice', but I've just been converted. I want a touchscreen smartphone with good internet and email capabilities. And, naturally, good call and text capabilities. With those (what I feel are) very specific paramaters, I am swamped with, what feels like, zillions of potential phones.

At the moment, I'm on pay-as-you-go Vodafone, but that'll obviously have to change to a contract when I get a smartphone. I may even need to change networks, but more on that in a second. Cost isn't really an object, but I still don't want to be giving Apple any money. Ever. Nor do I really want to pay iphone prices if I can help it. I've got my eye on an Orange San Francisco, a Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro, a HTC Desire Z, and a HTC Desire HD2. It took me several hours to get even that list. Oh, and I'm also considering an LG Optimus. Currently, the £100 price tag of an Orange San Francisco, coupled with the rave reviews and possibility of custom ROMs, has me more or less sold. But then there's an issue with changing to Orange.

The San Francisco (rebranded from the ZTE Blade, for you non-English persons), obviously enough, is locked to Orange. It can be unlocked but, as ever, it costs money and isn't foolproof. A free unlock does exist, but it's not fleshed out enough for my likings just yet. Call me paranoid. Of course, I could happily land myself with an Orange tariff. They have two that hold any interest for me: Dolphin and Panther. With Dolphin, I'll be paying £20 a month for two years and am given unlimited internet and email, as well as unlimited texts and 100 minutes. On Panther, I pay 30 of my English quids for two years and get 300 minutes, unlimited texts, free internet, email, satnav, and photomessages. Do I need a satnav and photomessaging capabilities? Of course not. Would I like them? Of course I would. Are they worth an extra tenner? I've no idea. The San Francisco also used Android 2.1 as it's operating system, meaning it's more prone to bugs and being slow than I like. That's a shame because it looks like a really nice phone. It can be upgraded to 2.2, however, by whacking Froyo on there (all of this might mean something to you if you use a phone that uses Android). So yeah... I'm not sure.

All the other phones I've mentioned have more features and are generally on a higher version of Android, but unfortunately cost a great deal more. The HTC Desire Z, for example, costs an obscene amount of money. Well, £400 sounds like a lot to me. Then again, I think I missed the stage when phones started getting expensive. I blame Apple, as I always do when I need to blame something. If I'll be using the bloody thing every day though, as I'm sure I will, then such a large price tag may seem worth it in the long run. I'll update you when I've ordered my new phone, dear reader, but by the time I've decided, Hell might have frozen over. Such is the way of technology.

In other news, I've caught a papercut! The little bastard's sitting on the top of my left thumb, just below the knuckle, and is making grabbing things painful. It also appears to have a shard of glass embedded in it, but I daren't try and remove it in case it's stopping blood pouring out of it or something. Alternatively, it could become infected and then I'll have to cut it off. Decisions, decisions... I'd still like to know how I got glass in a papercut. And it definitely was a papercut, dear reader. Very odd... Well, I suppose I'd best try and remove it! You may want to leave, dear reader, there's liable to be a lot of blood and swearing.

Until next time!


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