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DC: How Videl Discovered Her Abortion Fetish

This one is something special, dear reader, and not in a good way. It's special in a very bad way. You probably realised this by reading the title. Technically, it's a Dragonball Z fic. Before I go on, need I say that this is not safe for either work or your brain? Do bear that in mind before you go past the jump. I feel that I should also say that this is the first fic to win the brand new 'oh god, make it stop' label.

Still here, dear reader? Good! The story stars Videl, who, canonically, sees and eventually marries Gohan, Goku's firstborn. This is her.

And you will never look at her the same way again.
Note that the canon plays no part in this story whatsoever, so much so that you could substitute the names and lose no relevance. It's worth saying at this point that I don't like anime in the slightest, so don't even go there. The title of this atrocity speaks for itself, I feel. Right, let's get cracking. It's a long one, this.

Videl was a 18-year old, good-looking girl [her head and eyes are too big for her body. Whoever invented anime had little idea of what real humans looked like. Also, her nose is a chevron] with long legs and short, black hair. Se had a boyfriend and a fairly normal sex life, meaning she had sex with him usually every day [wait, that's NORMAL? Sadface]. He was boy number two in her life and so far she had used the pill as contraception successfully [at least they're being responsible. That is good, dear reader! Except something will obviously go wrong]. So she was not too interested in the subject of abortion [just like the rest of us then] except she was pro choice but rather in a theoretical manner [I don't particularly agree with abortion (I believe unwanted pregnancies should be avoided rather than terminated), but I do believe it should be the woman's choice]. Of course, would she get pregnant she would know where and how to obtain an abortion [ask her GP? Ask her whatever-the-hell-they-have in Japan?]. It is legal in Japan up to 12 weeks on demand [I suppose there's health issues in there somewhere] and in neighbouring Thailand nobody will ask any question up to 22 weeks and in some clinics 28 weeks [bloody hell. That's quite a ways into the foetus' development] (not exactly legal, but openly tolerated). So she didn't bother. [Well, there wouldn't be any need IF SHE WAS CAREFUL ENOUGH TO NOT GET UP THE DUFF.]

It was on a July-weekend in Osaka when she dropped by in a bookshop and had a look at the "women's corner", where everything from the latest diet to sex tips [I've been in a lot of bookshops and I've never seen a sex manual in the Women's Section. It must be a Japanese thing, like schoolgirls] was the trade of the day. She opened a book on sexual self-determination [as you do] and somehow she took some time to have a look at the chapter dealing with abortion [she seems to be getting a little obsessed. Funny that, given the title]. The different techniques from suction over dilation and curettage, dilation and evacuation or intact extraction, saline abortion and even caesarean abortion were laid out in graphic detail and some of the pictures really caught her attention [oh, so it's a shock-book! Rather like that one I own, Death to Dust. Quite fascinating, actually. As a prolific writer, it's come in quite handy]. Although some of the photos of inserted forceps pulling out foetal body parts looked pretty disturbing on first sight, a nge nge [a what-what?] fascination made Videl virtually stare at them [I once saw a photograph of a disembowelled baby, and it was somehow more graphic than it sounds. It's train-wreck syndrome, dear reader: we see something horrendous, but a morbid fascination keeps us staring at it]. She made sure nobody could look over her shoulders seeing what she was reading and looking at and started to absorb every little detail the book could provide [yup, she's getting just a little bit obsessed]. She bought it and went to her Hotel [with a capital 'h'. It's an important hotel!]. Reading over the chapter she came to the second chapter on abortion, the title of which nearly stopped her breathing: "Are abortions fun?" [What.]

She had always thought of abortion as a necessary evil and a right that women should be able to exercise without being questioned [I think it should be questioned when suggested. It's not something that should be a snap-decision, after all], but thinking of them as something enjoyable did never come to her mind [nor has it ever come to the mind of any sane people on this planet. Ever]. Nevertheless she started wondering whether her own morbid interest in reading the stuff did not have the same undercurrent feeling that the books author laid out on the pages in front of her eyes [it's unhealthy, dear. You should stop]. talktalked [they're a terrible phone network. Also, why do I get the feeling that this entire fic was typed with one hand?] about breaking the taboo of killing the unborn foetus and about the sexual arousal [there's nothing like a foetus getting torn to ribbons to get the old juices going] and the feeling of helplessness women experienced lying on the abortion table that contributed to it. It also reported many women obtaining the procedure enjoyed the feeling of being emptied [like a bath. Or my head, as my brain dribbles out of my ears], the contraction of the uterus in the process of the vacuum suction and going with it a sexual arousal that in many instances lead to climactic orgiastic experiences for them. [But... But it's sucking a foetus out of them! Surely that would put you off?]

Videl did not know how long had had been reading the intricate and delicate details [hardly delicate] of the descriptions dealing with abortion experiences from 5 weeks gestation to 39, when her boyfriend knocked at her door and wanted to come in [because he obviously doesn't want to come in, knocking on the door like that. What kind of freak knocks on the door in an effort to be let in?! Also, I'm fucking insane]. Nervously she closed the book and put it into her luggage [if she lives there, why does she have luggage?]. She did not want Gohan to see what she was reading, being afraid he would laugh at her ["Abortion, LOL!"]. When she stood up to go to the room's door she realised her slip [it's a vagina. Stop using nauseating euphemisms] was soaking wet. It was in fact so wet one could hear her pussy's [poor kitty] lips swamp on every step she made; or so it seemed to her. [She must be carrying a swimming pool down there. Or possibly, she just peed herself.]

"I am with you in a minute [are you?], Gohan, just let me finish my toilette [that's an extravagant word for a squickficcer] please", she called out. She had to change her slip or else [she... Can change it? Is she referring to something else? Is my dirty mind getting ahead of itself?]; she was afraid he would hear that wet sound from her pussy's lips [does she have a megaphone down there? Assuming she's wearing pants and/or trousers, the clothing would make more noise than her wet vagina. I never thought I'd say that] and wonder why that was the case [because women are obviously not allowed to get horny any more. Even if it is from reading about abortion. Dear god...]. She jumped into the bathroom, cleaned her dripping pussy [poor, soggy, kitty. Cats don't like water!] with a paper hanky and got a fresh slip [oh, she DID mean something completely different. Oops. That's what squickfic does to you, dear reader]. As she stepped into her room again he sight fell on her bag, which contained the book, that had captured so much of her attention this afternoon [stop abusing the comma!]. She experienced a slight shiver thinkingthe [you're supposed to put a space in-between two words] the pictures showing the insertion of forceps, vacuum tubes, sharp bladed curettes and dilators into other women's vaginas [lovely...]. She knew she wanted to know more about this [o.0]. No, she wanted to know all about this [O.O]. She would go to every little bookshop in town and surf the web in every little corner to learn everything about abortion and the pleasures it provided to those knowing. [There are no words. Only expressions. :O ]

"Hi, Gohan",
"Hi, Videl". Their hallo ["Hallo! Ich heiße Teddy und ich bin
verrückt." If you are a native German speaker, dear reader, I'm sure you can correct my terrible German] was short and informal [they're hardly going to be formal, are they?]. Videl was aroused from what she just had consumed [an enormous pie] and decided she needed satisfaction immediately [I can see where this is going]. "I want you to fuck me here and now, Gohan, she moaned" [who moaned, Videl?] and before he knew what was happening to him she had opened his pants, pulled them down and with hands knowing how to handle him she made him ready in a moment [y'know, at 18, that's not a very good skill to have. Although I really can not be arsed talking about values at the moment]. She got off her slip, pulled up her skirt and while laying down on the desk in front of the bed she opened up her legs and pulled him into her soaking wet
vagina [long sentence has too many actions! Also, why does she have a desk in front of her bed? And what's wrong with the bed anyway?]. She closed her eyes as he penetrated her deeply. "Why does this fuckin' desk not have stirrups or knee rests [stirrups? STIRRUPS?! It's not a fucking horse! I've also never seen a desk that has knee rests. In fact, I've never even SEEN knee rests, nor have heard anything about them actually existing]?" she wondered silently while the pumping movements they both made [I could make a joke here, but I'm not going to] raised her orgasm very fast ["Your orgasm skill has increased to 5"] to her first climax [uh... A climax IS an orgasm. Just refer to it using the proper word. Also, her first? What, first ever? I doubt that somehow]. She had her eyes still closed and in her imagination she was lying on a surgical table in a clinic [creepiest. Girlfriend. Ever]. Her legs opened and up in the air, the doctor would enter the room, insert a large tube, penetrate her with it and suction a foetus out of her wide opened cavity. [Mein gott... Oh dear, I must stop doing that.]

The imagination of receiving an abortion heightened her sexual feelings [malfunction. Does not compute]  once more and as she came again she could not suppress a whisper saying "suck it, please, suck it out"[yup, creepiest girlfriend ever]. Gohan was too busy with his own orgasm to register she had said anything that didn't make sense to him [oh, I am glad. Also, no I'm not]. With a loud breathing he ejaculated into her and as they both came Vids cos convulsively [lolwut?] contracting cervical muscle suctioned his warm sperm into her uterus and up into her ovaries where they happened to meet the result of Videl forgetting to take the pill that morning. [How maddeningly convenient. I told you I could see where this was going.]

"Ohhh, yessss, that was so good, I just needed that right now" she said ohanohan [oh-what-a-what?] when he pulled out of her and a stream of liquid, a mixture of sperm and her own wetness, flowed out of her vagina onto the carpet next to the desk [how much did he have in him for it to flow out of her?]. Gohan was puzzled [he must be easily confused. Bless 'im]: "I didn't know you were a fan of quickies, but I have to admit, it was a nice surprise. We could to that more often." 
"Yes, Gohan, I think we should". [That's got very unfortunate connotations.]

Back home in Tokyo, Videl had a good time. Having Sex [with a capital 's'! For no discernible reason whatsoever] with Gohan was still good, though she had an adventure with a good looking guy from the Capsule Corporation, whom she loved to fuck in dangerous places [slut]. In general she had developed a sense for "dangerous situations" [like an erupting volcano] and used them as a turn on. So Gohan provided her "bread and butter" sex, and Vegeta was her little in-between-excitement [christ, cheating on your partner is a Bad Thing. Damned slut]. But with both guys she had used her new imagination about having an abortion as a way to increase her orgiastic pleasure [OK, that's just creepy]. She had searched the web for information on it, but what she had found so far was off pretty little value, either in terms of information or in terms of turn on. [She's obsessed. It's like she's got an addiction to information on abortion.]

It was early October when she somehow felt unease over her current relationships with the two guys [hardly 'somehow', given that it's just plain wrong]. She was still using the pill [yeah, well you missed it when Gohan bonked you, didn't you?], but recently she had felt some sickness when getting up in the morning [oh gee, I wonder that that is?]. Maybe she should consult a doctor and exchange the chemical contraceptive she was using for another one. She would go on Friday next week. [Y'know, there'd be no need for any of that if you just used condoms.]

"Young lady, I am afraid changing the contraceptive is not exactly what I can prescribe to you right now", her gynaecologist [I've always thought that you had to be a bit funny to become a gynaecologist] explained to her. "You are 16 weeks pregnant. You are not prepared for that news, are you?" [I love the way he asked after he told her.]

"No, I am not", she replied, "but nowadays that should not be a problem, should it [well, getting pregnant at 18 is a problem. Also, she seems to be taking this remarkably calmly. Of course, we all know what's going to happen to her poor foetus]?" "Well, here in Japan you need a reason such as health grounds for an abortion after 12 weeks ["It's eating my insides!"], but a friend of mine, a Japanese gynaecologist [why did he feel the need to specify his nationality?], is running a facility in Bangkok. They are providing abortion services up to 22 weeks on demand, up to 36 weeks if there is a health problem whatsoever. Do you want the address?" ["No," she said. She carried to term. The end.]

"Yes please", Videl said and on her way back to her apartment [mmm... A temporal jump in the middle of a sentence. Very bad writing, dear reader] she started to get excited already thinking of the prospect to have something in real life that was theoretical or fantasy up to now [it's abortion. Stop being so friggin' silly. And creepy]. Arriving at home she immediately called the clinic in Bangkok. "You are 16 weeks pregnant, you said?" "Yes, exactly [even to the exact second]." "That won't be any problem. We can offer you an appointment next Friday. The size of your pregnancy will not require you stay overnight, but we can to that on a "walk in walk out" basis [so why the 'but'?]. "Can I stay awake during the procedure?" ["No." The end] Videl wanted to know [I don't]. She had been thinking about it and found out she had developed a real fetish for having an abortion [WHY?! HOW?!] and it was clear she could only hope for the joy promised in that book [the book does not promise joy. Don't be so utterly ridiculous] if she was not asleep when the doctor exterminated her foetus. "No problem, that is your personal choice" was the answer she had hoped for. [Right, dear reader, if you don't want an abortion procedure to be described in an unhealthy amount of detail, you may not want to read on. I'm not wholly sure that this procedure is factual, but I really don't have the energy to look it up. I'm sure someone can correct me at some point.]

She took the plane to Bangkok and was lucky to have a sunshiny day ["It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright, sunshiny day!"] when she arrived. The clinic was only a two-minute walk from the airport and her first impression was "oh this is a very large clinic. How many abortions do they perform here [that's two impressions. Indeed, the latter one isn't even an impression]?" The leaflet she got at the reception answered her question: 50 abortions everyday [exactly 50. There will be no deviation], Saturday and Sunday service included, 18.500 every year since 1985 [discounts for repeat customers!]. Many patients were women with jobs [as opposed to men with jobs. Lord only knows what an mpreg termination would involve], so having their abortion on the weekend was just a convenient thing for them. The nurse at the reception did all the paperwork, billed 450 Dollars [the currency in Thailand is the Thai Bhat. The currency in Japan is the Japanese Yen. Neither of these two countries use dollars. I can only assume that the writer is either American or from the Commonwealth] on her Amex and brought her directly to the ObGyn, where the abortion team of a doctor and another nurse was already preparing the instruments for her procedure. She had the documents with her pre-exam from her gynaecologist in Tokyo with her and all she had to do before she could obtain her abortion was an ultrasound. She laid down on the abortion table and the nurse inserted the ultrasound device into her vagina [ultrasound devices don't go up there! Unless I'm wrong about it under the circumstances. I do, however, know that ultrasounds before abortions are utterly pointless]. It confirmed she was 5 months pregnant. So she was two weeks longer with foetus than she initially had heard in Tokyo [fairly obvious, given that time moves forwards]. Your foetus is comparatively large [is it? I wasn't aware that I was pregnant. This is especially jarring when you consider that I've not had sex in the last 9 months and have never slept with a man] for a five months pregnancy, but we have techniques to deal with that, so don't worry, the abortion doctor explained to her [if he explained it to her, speech marks should have been used. Then I needn't have let you in on my pathetic sex-life, dear reader]. ? [I've no idea what that's doing here. £50 says that this fic was typed with one hand.] As this is your first abon [why does my Firefox spellchecker think that that's a real word?], on, I will explain everything to you before we start [dear reader, welcome to Hell]. We will start with the termination by dilating your cervix carefully inserting steel rods and soften the muscle with an injection of laineaine and prostaglandine. I will then insert a suction canula [made by Dyson, no less] of about 2 inches diameter into your uterus and remove the foetal limbs, the intestines and the brain by suction [they're going to suck out it's brain. Truly, the Cthulhu Mythos have become real]. The head and the body will be crushedand [SPACE] removed by forceps, the placenta will be scraped out using a sharp curette. At the end another suction session [*sluuuuuuuurp*] will complete the abortion and your unwanted pregnancy will be over." [He makes it sound so easy. And horrifying.]

"How can you know this is unwanted?" Videl thought [oh, I don't know, the fact that you're there having your pregnancy aborted?]. "I need to be pregnant to have an abortion, and ever
since reading that book I have wanted to get one [she's essentially sacrificing a life just so that she can experience her creepy, creepy, fetish. Freak]." "so please move your pelvis down a little bit. Itis [DAMNED SPACE] necessary to place your vagina just above the steel bowl attached to the lower end of the abortion table, so that the tissue we remove from your uterus directly falls into it when it slips out through the speculum [it presumably lands with a resoundingly wet thud]. Now put your legs into the knee rests [I'm not getting into this... They're leg rests, not knee rests], open up please and relax, it won't hurt a bit". [Ah, it's just like going to the dentist. If the dentist somehow extracted a foetus from the back of your throat.]

Videl started to feel the excitement she had experienced when she read the book in the Osaka store for the first time [no... Just no]. She was pretty sure she could answer that question already. "Are abortions fun?" "You bet, she thought, this is going to be the orgasm of my life" [o.0]. When the doctor inserted the speculum into her vagina she felt like being penetrated with a large dildo [some women are never happy]. Her vaginal muscles contracted and she took a deep breath in her shivering arousal [and the doctor hasn't even started yet. She's a bit racy]. In her fantasy she went ahead and already imagined the forceps and the suction tube inside of her taking care of the foetus [anticipation is the better part of the reward, but not in this case. in this case, it's just creepy. I can not use that word enough in this DC]. After injecting the lidocaine and some prostaglandine the abortionist inserted the dilator rods into her cervix and carefully stretched and widened it. The opening in her cervix was soon stretched to 2 inches. The doctor could now insert a sound to measure the exact size of the uterus and decide which forceps to use for dismembering the foetal tissue [the sharp ones with the chainsaw blades!]. Her uterus was already more than 10 inches deep behind the cervical opening. The abortionist decided he would stretch the cervix to 4 inches using a new tool that could be inserted and expanded uniformly like a camera shutter [thanks, I'll never look at my camera the same way again]. He inserted it and expanded the cervix slowly and stepwise until he had reached 4.5 inches to compensate for the expected contraction when he took the device out again.

Videl could hardly stop her pelvis from making circular movements meanwhile. In her imagination she was patient and abortionist at the same [that's how serial killers start], cu, cutting [£100 says that this was written with one hand] the foetus into pieces and pulling them out of the open speculum before placing the lacerated limbs into the waste bin under the abortion table [this girl's got serious problems, and I think that they can only be solved by a 9mm to the head]. Her vagina started to contract and hold the speculum under tension. She was so excited now she was about to come [the poor doctor'll have a heart attack]. When the nurse told her the doctor would now start to insert the canula for the first session of suction curettage she climaxed the first time [you know, I once knew a girl who would orgasm upon hearing an electronic bell. I think her psychological problem has much in common with Videl's. Only I felt sorry for the girl, while I feel nothing but horror for Videl]. As she came moaning and groaning her cervix convulsed visibly [it usually does upon achieving orgasm]. The doctor inserted the suction machine and switched it on [*sluuuuuuuurp*]. He inserted the tongs of age [it's a magical item that gives you +1 to hit] ge [again with the inexplicable letters, seemingly thrown in at random. Or possibly as a result of typing with one hand. Maybe it's like that film, the Hands of Orlac, and the writer's hands are completely autonomous. Only instead of throwing knives, they write squickfic. I'm not sure which is worse] forceps-scissors and cut of the limbs off the foetus. He than moved the tip of the suction canula directly to the amputated limbs and sucked them out of the uterus into the steel bowl between Videl's legs [lord only knows what someone would think if they were watching this]. He then cut off the umbilical cord and started opening the foetal body with a pointed pair of scissors to insert the suction tube into the foetus. A few seconds later the intestines were spit into the steel bowl and only the emptied torso, the skull and the placenta were still inside Videl's slightly swollen belly. [I swear this is like a horror film. It's a shame it's not like Teeth. It's be funny if her vagina bit the equipment in twain upon insertion.]
"We call this procedure a scrap suction. We use it, when the foetus is small enough to be removed by suction, but too large and the tissue to tough to be dismembered by the pressure of the suction machine [I think it's safe to say that it's already dead, which begs the question of why it should be dismembered]", the nurse explained. Videl could feel how the flow of foetal tissue was vacuumed out of her and the orgiastic feeling rose again until the wave of contractions gave her another climax [surely having a foetus sucked out of you can't be a pleasant experience? She's not normal]. As she came her uterus compressed and pushed the suction tube out through the cervical canal. To the doctor this was a familiar phenomenon [lucky him]. He knew that many of his patients had orgasms during the suction procedure [I find that a little difficult to believe] and he never used a pointed canula because of this so as to avoid wounding the uterus when his patients reached a climax. He reinserted the tube and began crushing the head and the torso with a flat-blade forceps [why in hell's name do I have a mental image of a cigarette being crushed in an ashtray?]. Again the shredded pieces were suctioned out as he cut them from the foetus and to pieces and the steel bowl was filled with the abortion product [the writer makes it sound like shredded foetus is sold in shops]. Videl knew that most her foetus was now removed from her womb and that in the process it had been exterminated [not by a Dalek, unfortunately]. She asked the nurse not to throw it away as she wanted to see the remains when the procedure was over [presumably to laugh at it. Or to use it in a ritual sacrifice. Or to eat it. I wouldn't put anything past her]. She assumed it could give her another kick [no, just no]. The doctor had completed the scrap-suction and inserted a long curette to cut the placenta off the uterine walls and scrap it out through the opened vagina, where it dropped into the steel bowl with the aborted foetus [where it landed with a wet plop]. A last session of suction to clean her out [like a car. A car made of flesh] and the abortion was over. During the whole 40 minutes of the termination Videl came three times [lovely]. She now knew exactly what the book she found in the Osaka bookstore was talking about. This was an experience she would want to repeat. [I really hope that doesn't mean that there's going to be a sequel.]

As she relaxed herself on the abortion table the shredded pieces of the aborted foetus lay in the steel bowl placed under the lower end of the table between the knee rests [they're leg rests. Knee rests don't exist]. "We will now reassemble it [ooh, just like Humpty Dumpty. Damn, now I've ruined a nursery rhyme...] to check everything has been completely removed from your womb. After that your abortion will be over and done. Your may relax for an hour or two in a room provided here at the clinic before you leave. We hope you enjoyed our service" [what. That's like asking a rape victim if she enjoyed her rape], the nurse said to her. "Can I see it?" Videl asked the nurse. "Of course, here it is", she replied. Videl tried to identify the foetal body parts, but only the skull and some of the limbs were still visible, as the other parts were buried under a bloody soup [damn, now tomato soup's been ruined forever] of placenta tissue and a pulp of squashed foetal organs. A last shiver went down her spine looking at the foetus she had aborted before the remains were brought to the waste bin. [I always thought it was incinerated, not binned.]

Videl left the clinic and programmed the reception's number into her cell phones memory. She knew she would use it
again. [I'm glad it's over, because my brain has finally melted.]

Things like this make me want to drink, dear reader.

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell.
Also, I'm not entirely sure why the author even used DBZ characters. The sick fuck could have used any series to... wait, no. The day I start questioning fanfic is the day I'll consider myself certifiable.

Teddy Leach said...

As I say, all the names could be substituted and the fic would lose no coherence whatsoever. So yeah, I've no idea why he / she / it used DBZ characters. Probably just to squick people who like the series.

Anonymous said...


Teddy Leach said...

You're the one who decided to read it! I wasn't reading it out loud to you at all, oh no, sir.

Anonymous said...

wonderful !!!

Kei_Kun said...

There is only one thing I can say here.


Mystic Lover of Fairy Tales said...

Wtf abortion is not sexy or a turn on god !This author is an idiot

Anonymous said...

How did the doctor manage to cut up a Saiyan foetus?

sunXmoon said...

As a native german I can assure you that your sentence was correct. Nothing to correct there.

Also: WTF. Why do I have the feeling that this was written by someone who is actually against abortion and claimed it was written by someone who is pro abortion, just to show how sick and twisted and unnatural they are in his/her opinion? (Grammer in long sentences. Meh.)

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