Monday, 29 November 2010

Webcomic In The Works!

That's right guys, it's update time! Despite having quickly developed symptoms of sinusitis or death-syndrome or something, I've already written you a short amount of babble on the occult, which I frankly find fascinating (the subject I mean).

So why the need for the second post?  I'll assume you've read the title because you'd be pretty daft if you'd started reading something without knowing what it is. I do that quite a lot actually... Anyway! I've started drawing my own webcomic with a similar level of humour to Cyanide and Happiness (which I think is the best thing since mega-sliced-bread. Expect an... Issue? Edition? Post? Post'll do... Expect a post at some point! Maybe some point before Crimble, because I have to draw and write and stuff and I'm busy anyway. Meh.

Until next time!


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