Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I Have Selective 'Can't Be Arsed' Syndrome

The title says it all. Oddly, while I really can't be arsed to do legitimate work (which, I might add, needs to be done for tomorrow), I can be arsed to blog about HOW I can't be arsed to do legitimate work. Dear me... if you're interested (and why would you be, you strange person?), it's a piece of extended writing, based on evidence. If it sounds dull, that's because it is. I could theoretically bullshit my way out of doing it, but I suppose I'd best get it done.

*Promptly wastes more time doing a medley of other things.*

Ugh, deary me... I feel as if my brain's off living it up in Miami while my body is slumped here, trying to get the willpower to write some utter bollocks to be handed in tomorrow. I suppose it doesn't help that my notes and the evidence is on an A3 sheet, which I can physically not put anywhere. I've written half a page. I don't have the willpower to do more. I need whiskey. I need a drink. I need energy.

*Teddy disappears for half an hour, drinking whiskey and Red Bull. He comes back and writes at the bottom of the page:*
"Dear work... You are unattractive, and therefore, I can not do you."

Until next time!


Luke Clarke said...

You should live with me for a week!

Teddy Leach said...

Mayhap I should! 'Twould be awesome :D

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