Sunday, 2 October 2011

DC: Celebrian Chapt. 2

There is no good left in the world. There is only low-quality literary porn. Right, let's get this done.

She woke with a start, not knowing where she was [probably where she went to sleep]. The room was pitch black [because it is underground and unlit]. No hint of light for her soft elvish eyes to work with [no context needed for those last two words. Not in this fic. Not in ANY fic I've done. That probably says something about me]. She felt straw under her [under her what? Oooh, cheap shot!], realized that she was naked [you know, like she was when she went to sleep], or at least mostly naked. Silky straps ran shoulder to crotch. [Oh god, the mysterious garment has returned.]

She thought back. Was she in the cave at the top of the pass [does it matter? The writer is trying his hardest to convince us there's more to this fic than porn. There isn't]? If so, some light should have trickled in from the cave mouth. Some sound of her fellow elves should have tickled her ears. [I'm bored already. I don't know about you, dear reader.]

She strained [tee-hee] for sight or sound. Distantly she heard the raucous laugh of orcs. Orcs. [ORCS.] Her heart pounded.

She remembered being taken to an orc king ["taken by" would be closer the mark]. Seeing his horrid, warty member [do you HAVE to call it that?]. There was more [... more warty member?]. A searing draught. And then… no, it could not be, her mind screamed [I love running sentences. My mind's screaming too]. It was a terrible nightmare. No more.

She rose from the straw in a rush and grabbed her herself for comfort [HONK]. Her womanhood ached in protest at the motion [I'm pretty sure they don't do that], ached fiercely. She realized her jaw also ached [OH GEE I WONDER WHY]. Could it have been real? [Of course not, dear.]

"Never," she gasped. Then she realized that her hands that wrapped her chest [just take a moment to get your head around that] rested on crusty skin [oh nice]. With terrible dread she let her hands explore. [Presumably they went to the lost city of Atlantis and never spoke to her again.]

Dry crust on her breasts and chest [you mean that 'chest' doesn't refer to her breasts? You do surprise me, especially in this fic]. Pasty globs in the down of her pubes [yup, we've still got purple prose littered with slang]. More crust on her thighs [we get the picture]. Thinner flakes on her face and forehead but a thick glob in her hair [does anybody really care?]. She realized that the chamber was filled with the smell of dry and rancid semen [odd how such a supposedly innocent elf would know what that smells like]. It had been with her long enough that she had not first noted it.

She screamed in realization [she's slow on the uptake]. Again she screamed [we have to go deeper]. Then she stiffled [HUR HUR] the scream not wishing to draw her captors. [Probably should have done that the first time.]

Where was Elrond? Where was her rescue? But could she now be rescued? Would the king’s foul pollution remain with her forever no matter where she was, no matter how dead the king was? [This. Is. So. Boring.]

Minutes later, above her muffled cries ['muffled' implies quiet and thus easy to be drowned out by a louder noise], she heard a door open. Faint light trickled into her room. She could now see her semen covered body with her elvish sight [the light probably helps. BLOODY ELVES]. Hobnailed steps approached. The door to her room opened.

The two orcs who had guided her to her disgrace leered at her. [I don't know how it's possible to write such boring sentences. They are boring. So very boring. GET ON WITH THE SEX, I'M BORED. Even though I'll be bored there too. This writer has no ability whatsoever.]

"Come along, silver cock-sucker. Semen-drinker. Cock-worshipper," sneered the orcs. [Honestly? That just sounds like a couple of school kids are taking the piss.]

She had thought the memory of the awful cock [it never gets any less jarring] in her mouth was the depth of her disgrace. [ORLY?] But the names brought back the memory of her own eager words [actually, they only used names to do with blowjobs]. It was then that she realized that she had not been raped [...], that she had willingly pleasured the grotesque king. [Can you guess what will happen soon? I bet you can.]

She did not resist as the orcs led her back to the king’s chamber. On the way she passed warrens filled with sneering, jeering orcs. Great orc matrons with huge, pendulous breasts [orcs have big tits] and teats the size of her husband’s penis [o.0]. Matrons who mimed fellatio as she passed [just like teenage boys]. Countless male orcs of all sizes, nearly all with their cocks before them, erect and offered for her mouth [sounds like a holiday my friend had]. Briefly she marveled at the size [acres] and shapes [lumpy] of the cocks before catching herself and forcing disgust. [Anyone else just want to give her a slap? Just me?]

And the names they shouted at her. Cock-sucker. Ball-holder. Cock-whore. Ball-queen. Knob-licker. Semen-drinker. Every one a name she remembered using to beseech the king [I don't remember, but I don't give a monkey's]. It was too much to bear. By the time she reached the king, she hung limp between the two orcs, booted feet [still got them on then? Kinky] dragging behind her.

They dropped her before the orc king [I thought he was a goblin? Oh, what difference does it make?] on his throne.

"Celebrian, cock-lover, seed-guzzler. Welcome back," said the king. "Cum-eater." [It's like the writer couldn't think of any names to do with actual sex.]

His member lay stiff before him [ALREADY] but Celebrian huddled in a ball [admit it: your mind went straight there] and could not see it.

"Give her the draught," said the king. [Oh, here we go again.]

With a start, Celebrian raised her head. The draught had made her disgrace herself. It was the draught’s fault [yup, blame the drink]. She had to run [FUCKING CUNTING WELL RUN THEN]. She couldn’t let them do it to her again. [Oh, I am SO BORED. Porn is meant to be fun.]

She rose and tried to flee but her aching body betrayed her [naughty body. Slap slap]. She tripped at the foot of the king’s throne and rolled onto her back [like a dog. One might say, a bitch]. She looked up through the king'’ [yes] hair spread legs at the bulb of his cock. She shuddered at the sight yet she could not suppress a warmth in her loins. [Oh for god's sake.]

As she lay on her back staring at the cock [does she HAVE to?], the king’s orcs forced the liquid down her throat [hur hur. Sorry]. She lay on the floor, gazing at the cock as its warmth flowed through her again. [His dick's warmth?]

The draught’s smell of rancid sex brought back the memory of her cum-bath from the night before. [ :( ] Before her eyes, the king’s cock seemed to change from a loathsome twisted, warty shaft to a rod of splendor and beauty, smooth spearhead on robust, knotty shaft [lovely]. The memory of the moles and warts on her lips [aaaaaargh], against her pussy returned to her [commas: USE THEM RIGHT], bringing pleasure and further warmth and wetness to her loins. [He keeps using those words.]

On her own volition, she rose and stood before the king. Caked cum [I see what you did there] in her hair, dry cum [obviously not caked] on her skin. And a hungry leer on her lips. [Uh... A leer is something you do with your eyes.]

Her hands went to her pussy [I wonder what they're doing there], not to hide it but to caress her tender clit. [I wonder how many of you saw that one coming. I swear my comments are getting dryer as she gets wetter.]

"Great king, cock-of-the-world [wat]. Celebrian the cock-loving elf-whore begs your gifts again." [Here we go again. And again. And again. And again.]

The king nodded for her to continue. Her head was not so cloudy this time. She knew what he meant. [DURR.]

"I am cum-drinker, seed-swiller. I yearn for my mouth to run over with your semen. Fill my nostrils with your pungent gift. Shower me with your spray. Let my face run with your seed, let my breasts drip with your cum. Fill my twat with your great cock. Whore that I am, I beg to eat you again." [Good god this is ridiculous.]

"As you wish Celebrian," said the king. His rubbery lips stretch in a great grin, bearing his fangs. He snorted with delight. "As you wish." [Hurry up and fuck her, it'd save so much time.]

She eagerly seized his cock with both hands [well, this is awkward]. She teased his head with her tongue [so many jokes. So many], exploring all the smooth bulb and warty shaft, remembering her pleasures from the night before and anticipating new ones. [Dear reader, I know you'd rather read anything else. So would I. I promise we'll do something better next time.]

Then she plunged onto his cock, taking it in to the root and out again [jolly good]. Over and over once more [rather like these paragraphs]. This time, working the king’s great gonads [...] in her hands at the same time. [Weren't they like apples? Or cricket balls? Or something? How big are her bloody hands?]

When the king came, she was at top-stroke, open mouth poised above the cock [because Celebrian is Tori Black. Clearly. It all makes sense now (no it doesn't)]. The king let loose with a spurt that shot into her throat and bounced back out to spill and dribble down her chin [that's not how throats work with thick liquids. Actually, I'm not explaining this]. Swiftly, she cupped her hands below the torrent [she's implementing some DRM. Ooh, obscure references!] to catch as much as possible and scoop it back into her hungry mouth [please don't], swallowing fiercely to keep up with the seemingly endless flow. [I'll have you know it's not endless!]

When at last the flow ceased, she was again dripping with semen [lovely]. Her face was smeared in goo [LOVELY], although this time she managed to keep her eyes clear [she'll go blind otherwise]. More semen dripped from her pert breasts. Her mouth swam with the stuff. Her stomach sloshed with much more of it. [o.0]

Remembering the second wind of the time before [whaaaaat. That makes no sense], she turned her hands to the slackening cock [it's not a laggy band. THEY DON'T GO SLACK] and worked it back to its rigid state [they also don't work like that]. She reached to take the bulb into her mouth when the orc king stood up and spun her around again.

This time she was ready for his ministrations [oh no, don't start using THAT word]. She sunk to all fours and spread herself for him [that's nice of her]. But his cock bumped against her anus [oh god no. IT'S A FOOT LONG WITH A MASSIVE HEAD], not her pussy. She arched her back to better present her pussy, but the king pushed her ass down and again pushed at her anus. [0.0]

He thrust and shoved, bruising her with his great club [it's a penis] and scratching her ass [it's a bum] with his clawed hands that gripped her buttocks. He tried to spread her ass [bum. Seating device. Arse. ARSE] open but, though she tried to welcome the king, and encouraged him with her words, he could not penetrate her tight ass. [Oh, arse. How disappointing for the happy couple.]

Giving up, he turned to her wet pussy [you know, the non-disgusting bit. You know she probably shat herself in her cell? Sorry, dear reader]. He took her savagely, cuming [my FireFox spellchecker thinks that's a word. I think it's broken] quickly. Again he pulled his cock from her to drain himself [OH GOD WHY] on her back. This time, his pent energy sent most of it into her hair at the back of her head. [You know, as opposed to the moustache on the front of her head. GET THAT MENTAL IMAGE OF MARIO OUT OF YOUR HEAD.]

The orcs lead her back to her chamber while the effects of the draught still lasted. Now she met the jeers of the orcs: "yes, I drink the king’s cock. Not puny ones such as your own." [oh the slut] This time she gazed unabashedly at all the magnificent orc dicks offered to her. [Ditto that.]

But her guards would not let her sample the offerings and she returned to her chamber and the darkness. [THANK FUCK.]

No sooner had the door closed then the draught’s power faded away. This time, no sleep buffered her from the memories of what she had done. What she had willing taken into her mouth [and her vagina, don't forget that. And nearly her bum]. She wept silent tears. She did not allow herself to think of rescue by Elrond. [WHY.]

I want a drink so much.

Until next time!


SharpFang said...

Next time I download something through Torrent, I'll smash my computer because of this.

SharpFang said...

The miming fellatio thing reminded me of a boy in camp who was eating his lollipop weirdly. Bad mental image.

Alex said...

The boys in my school talk like that when they want to insult each other. ("If your spit is white you suck cock." "You suck dick, bitch.") The girls are just sluts, and most likely closet bisexuals, given the things they post on Instagram.

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