Friday, 22 June 2012

DC: Celebrian Chapt. 4

My existence is a linear line filled with pain and misery. AND THIS. The three may be related.

When the orcs came later with food, water and cloths [not even one line in, and we're back with the stupid little mistakes] to wash with, they also returned her ass-dildo [assdo. Dildass. Buttfucker]. She did not resist as they removed her gown and restored the dildo to her ass [y'know, if you couldn't guess where it was going to go]. They left it with the laces untied. Ithalond watched the entire process with undisguised disgust. [I know how he feels.]

When they left, she began to clean herself. It took a long time, but it gave her something to focus on. She did not remove the dildo. [Good, she's stopped pretending she doesn't like it.]

She could feel Ithalond’s eyes burning into the back of her head [I wish they really were burning]. She could sense his disgust like a dark cloud in the room. She was alternately torn between self-pity and self-loathing. She had given so much for nothing. [Now she realises far, far too late. She is doomed. We are ALL DOOMED.]

When the orcs came again, she let them lead her away quietly. She paid little attention to the orc warrens as she passed by them, although the orcs were particularly raucous about the dildo straps hanging from her bottom. [I can't really say as I blame them.]

At the king’s throne, she meekly fell to her knees before him and waited for his command. An orc-female sat in his lap. She was naked [obviously]. Her hairy, red twat [the hair, or the vagina?] was at Celebrian’s eye-level. She could see that weights had been fixed to her labia so that they hung half a foot [I don't have a vagina, but I imagine that is incredibly painful]. The she-orc’s breasts were each as big as the great king’s head. Celebrian could have wrapped her hand around a teat and still not covered its full length. [Oh GOD.]

"Give the elf-bitch her draught," he said. [Oh, why bother? I don't think any of us give a shit any more.]

She wondered why the draught was necessary [that makes two of us]. She would do what ever the king command. She no longer had the will to resist. [I know how she feels. Wait. Not like that.]

When the orc brought the wineskin, she took it from him and drank it. She looked for oblivion in its powerful warmth. [Whiskey has a similar effect, when drunk by the double to MAKE THE BADFIC GO AWAY.]

With the draught within her, Celebrian sang her slut-names and worked her magic on the king, even lapping his semen from the floor this time [nice. I'm glad he threw that in there]. She took the king’s cock in her mouth, pussy and anus, coming to climax each time, with a little assistance from her fingers on her clit. [He's stopped describing it in great detail, something important must happen soon. Spoilers.]

When the king seemed spent, she stood in front of him, proud of her service and the great wash of stickiness covering her body. [Yay.]

But the king, though obviously pleasured had turned his attention back to the orc-bitch with the great breasts. He fondled her great teats and toyed with the quivering mass of her breasts.

Celebrian found herself growing jealous. Jealous of an orc-bitch. [She's turned into a Middle Earth teenager.]

"Take my breasts, my king, they are firmer and sweeter than that hag’s," Celebrian said.

"Silence, cock-sucker. Your feeble tits are not worthy of my attention." [I bet you can see where this is going.]

He continued to fondle the female. Celebrian watched with longing and frustration.

The king eventually turned his attention back to Celebrian.

"If it weren’t for those sad paps, you would be the best, little elf-bitch." [No, seriously, I bet you can see where this is going.]

She nodded in agreement, still in the heat of the draught.

"But that can be fixed." [TOLD YOU.]

"Can it?" she asked eagerly. "You can make my body perfect with great breasts to match your wonderful cock ['perfect'. Just no]? Is it possible my lord, oh, great ass-filler?"

The king whispered into the she-orc’s ear. She went away down a tunnel and returned with two leathery bags [yes, we already know about her breasts]. Celebrian so that they were full of some liquid and had some sort of spout at the their bottom. As the orc-bitch grew close, Celebrian released that the sacks were made from the breast-skin of some immense orc-female [oh. My joke's ruined now. Thanks, writer]. She did not care. It was the liquid she wanted, if it could give her breasts that would capture her king.

The elf-bitch dribbled the contents of the sacks through the teat-hole onto Celebrian’s breasts.

"Rub it in," said the king. [That's not how breast-augmentations work.]

Celebrian rubbed the milky liquid into her skin while the orc-bitch continued to dribble it out. It seemed that her pores sucked it up. It took an hour before the contents were soaked into her breasts. [Her breasts are sponges. I couldn't make this up even if I tried to.]

Already the absorbed moisture has swollen her breasts to twice their normal size. They were hard and tender. And still far smaller than the great orcs paps ['paps'] on the female before her.

"Take her back to her room and feed her well so that her breasts grow immense," ordered the king. [He's a king. He can do what he likes. I'm sure we'd all be doing this if we were kings too.]

Back in her cell, she cleaned herself. They gave her a new gown and took away the dildo. They fed her meat and milk. She did not let herself dwell on the source of the meat or the milk. [Elf-penises and orc-milk.]

With the draught long out of her system, she dreaded the request she had made and willed her breasts to remain their apple-size. Perhaps the potion had not taken effect because the swelling in her breasts subsided and they seemed to return to her old size, perhaps a shade bigger. [Haha, yeah. Right.]

As for Ithalond, she never saw him again. He was not in the chamber when she had returned. No doubt he suffered before his death but the memory of his scorn kept her from mourning. [Devoid of character. DO not care.]

Again, I do not know how it's possible to make porn boring, but you can. Apparently.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you analyse shit porn?

Teddy Leach said...

Because I, like the many others who do the exact same thing, find it amusing.

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