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DC: Celebrian Chapt. 3

 I don't even know if this chapter's long. It feels long. They all feel long.

When the next door opened [because there are now multiple doors apparently], she thought it was to return her to her torment [BUT LITTLE DOES SHE KNOW]. But the orcs instead brought a fresh gown and water and rags to clean herself as well as comb to work the goo from her hair. [Nice. Really nice. Shouldn't it have dried by now?]

After they had been gone for some time, she turned to the laborious task of cleansing the filth [yes] from her body. But try as she might, she could not cleanse the memory. [It's OK, dear, neither can we. Even if we get very drunk.]

She was sleeping when the door next opened [there we go, his word-order is correct now]. This time she woke to full understanding of her plight [what a dumbarse she is]. She steeled herself for another round with the king [*insert boxing/'wrestling' joke here because I'm not going to*] but instead the two orcs lifted her gown, took a kind of dildo with a base [you know, by the very definition of what a base is, EVERYTHING has a base] that straps attached to and shoved it into her ass. [Oh. That's nice.]

The dildo stretched her anus terribly [I expect is would do] but it was much smaller than the king’s huge cock [I bet that image has long-since been burned into your mind forever, dear reader. I'm sorry] and it was able to pass her tight gate [do you have to call it that?]. The orcs fixed the straps around her waist and crotch then tied the straps tight.

The dildo was hard in body [they're supposed to be. Wait, where's the 'her'? Typed with one hand, perhaps?]. Her anus ached and burned at its presence. ["I fell into a burning ring of fire". That's another song ruined.]

When they left, she pulled her gown up and tried to remove the offending item [so many offending items in this fic. So many. You ain't seen nothing yet]. But she could not undo the knots with finger, comb or any other implement she could find [heh-heh. Heh. Heeeeeeeh...]. She was impaled. [No, that's not what being impaled is. It's not long enough for that.]

The orcs came from time to time, how often she could not tell. There was no sense of time in this place [much like this fic then. I don't know how long I've been doing this. It feels like I've been doing it forever. I'm not even drunk]. From this time on [from what time on?] they left a lit torch in her chamber at all times. [FROM WHAT TIME ON?]

Each visit, they removed the dildo to allow her to crap [hello, Palm! This is Face. Why don't I introduce you? *Smack*], then returned it [no wiping for you, Mrs. Celebrian. Oh. Oh nice. This is 2 Girls 1 Cup all over again]. Every few visits, she could tell that they replaced it with a larger one although they never let her see the size of the dildos any more [OK. Don't care]. Each time the size increased, they also coated it in some slick goo [that would be lubricant] that seemed to ease her anus and help it stretch.

She grew to accept the dildos in her ass [as you do], came to find the sense of fullness welcome [nice. Real nice]. She even began to feel tingles of pleasure when the dildos were inserted [she's becoming a little perverted. Again, you ain't seen nothing yet]. Often she wondered what the king’s cock would feel like in her ass. [Sigh. I can't even come up with a sarcastic response. I still don't know how it's possible to make porn boring.]

Days must have passed. Twice, when the murmer of orcs seemed least and the orc warrens seemed to sleep she brought herself to climax by working her clit. [That's almost poetry. At least he sort of understands the female pleasure-centres. Actually, that's terrifying.]

One day the orcs came to remove the dildo and did not replace it [OH NOES!]. This time they left it with her so that she could stare in wonder at the thing that had filled her. [Why, exactly? What's the point? WHAT'S THE POINT IN ANY OF THIS.]

It was the width of the king’s member, though not as long: a three inch bulb with two inch shaft [5 inches, below average. Then again, it IS going up her bottom]. It was bigger than her fist [oh good Christ] and it had sat for hours or days in her ass with, by the end, no sense of discomfort. [That's not normal. Nothing's normal in this fic. Nothing.]

In amazement, she reached a hand to her ass and felt her anus ["Durr, what's that then?"]. It had sunken deep into her body. The flesh around her anus seemed drawn and warm. She almost pushed a finger through to probe [ANAL PROBE DO YOU SEE] inside her but caught herself. [In the face. With a shovel.]

"What have I become," [a slut] she sobbed. She sobbed [she sobbed]. But she returned the dildo to her ass [oh for god's sake]. She let the straps dangle down the back of her thighs under her gown.

When the door opened next, she expected a summons to the king so that he could resume the assault on her ass [bottom assault. "I'm going to assault your bottom", etc.], this time with guarantee of success. The thought of the king’s ministrations [oh no, not THAT word] filled her with both loathing and anticipation. [HOW. WHY. WHY. FUCKING WHY.]

But the orcs shoved a body through the door instead [oh the disappointment]. The figure fell to the ground clutching his arms to his chest. Beneath caked mud and blood, she caught the glint of sliver hair and the curve of an elvish ear. [Oh no, not another bloody elf. I hate elves.]

She did not move to the man at first [that's a first for her. ZING!] but in time his pitiful, semi-conscious moans drew her to his side. She rolled him onto his back and started. His face was battered, his lips were cut and his front teeth were missing [I wonder what he wants for Christmas] but the shock was that his hands were cut off at the wrists. [As opposed to, y'know, his hands being cut off at the knee or the elbow or something.]

She nursed him through several visits by the orc-guards [they brought grapes and everything]. These visits brought no summons to the king or further dildos [jolly good] but rags for the man’s wounds and water and food for nourishment. [Why are they being nice, and why should I care? Maybe I'm just a sociopath.]

In the days [days. Weeks. YEARS] before he regained full lucidity, she had time to turn her thoughts again to rescue. She recognized the elf as Ithalond from Rivendell [oh, hello canon!]. And [I know I'm always starting sentences with 'and', but you're really not supposed to] had she had any doubt that Elrond still sought her, the elf’s babbling [yes. Babbling] during which he spoke of searching and Elrond’s fear for his wife dispelled it. [GET ON WITH IT.]

What type of wife will he find? [Oh bloody hell] She thought. She should take her life [that makes two of us. Stop narrating. I'm bored. We're all bored] and the life of this cripple. Neither of them would end well at the hands of the orcs [I'm sure the hands of the orcs could finish her nicely]. She knew it was only for some nefarious purpose that they put him in here with her. [I can't imagine what.]

But she could not bring herself to strangle the poor warrior [I wish I could strangle her] who had risked all to find her. She did remove the dildo from her ass and hid it in the slop bucket. [Oh. Lovely.]

She woke to her the sound her name. [She obviously fell asleep. Christ, I need a drink. A nice strong drink.]

"Celebrian," said a weak, hoarse voice. [Not making puns. Too bored.]

It was her handless companion in her cell. [Wow, there's a surprise.]

"Yes, Ithalond," she said, keeping her gaze averted from. [We never find out what she was averting her gaze from.]

"I have found you," he said weakly. "oh, what have they done to me," he said as he realized the source of the pain in his arms. He began to cry. [I know how he feels.]

Though shamed by her degradation, Celebrian could help but comfort the once proud warrior. She took him into her arms and rocked him. In time he regained his composure. [I've just scrolled down. There's REAMS of this crap. I am so sorry, dear reader. At least the sex is entertaining. Well, more entertaining than this.]

"No matter that they have done to me, my lady, or—or—even to you," he said with hesitation. "Elrond will find us and make things well. He stops at nothing in his search for you."

Celebrian began to sob. [Again, I know how she feels.]

"No [yes]! My lady, do not cry. It matters not what has happened only that you will soon be free. They can sully your body but not your heart." [HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.]

Celebrian continued to cry. [Please. Someone. Anyone. If you're reading this... Please send me a bottle of strong whiskey for Christmas. I can't take much more of this bollocks. Please. Help me.]

When the door next open, they took her from the cell and left Ithalond behind [oh boy, I wonder what's going to happen. No. Sarcasm. At. All]. She retraced the path to the king’s chamber. The orcs, male and female [OK, two orcs], leered and jeered [O I C WUT U DID THAR] at her as before but this time she noticed many wounded and maimed orcs as well. They had been fighting [DURR]. Her husband was drawing near. Perhaps there was an end in sight. She allowed herself some small hope. [HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.]

She was still in her gown and boots [obviously not fetish-fuel. Oh, who am I kidding, the writer's male] when she was forced to kneel before the orc-king. He focused her mind on her hope [how did he do that then?] and tried to forget the terrible draught they would soon force down her throat.

But the draught never came [DUN DUN DUUUUUN. Can you feel my contempt yet, dear reader?]. An hour or more passed. The king attended to various matters [oo-er!] of guard-postings and reports of elves [oh]. She heard orcs come [*titter*] and go behind. She heard things being dragged into the room behind her but did not turn to see. Her hope grew as she listened to the reports of encounters with her husband’s warriors.

"Celebrian, your husband harries my guards but know that he can never reach you. My lair is protected by an impenetrable maze [he's a Bond villain now]," said the king. Celebrian knew that he lied [how?]. "But hope if you wish. Hope all you want as long as you do your duty." [Is that what they're calling it nowadays.]

What was he thinking [oh, what do you think?], she wondered? He had not forced the draught on her. Had he forgotten? Or could he really believe her would pleasure him without its fire in her belly?

She looked into his thick, pig-like face. She could not read his beady eyes. But it did not matter, she was in command of herself.

"Your companion, how do you find him?" he asked.

"Ith—" she said, almost speaking his name [oh, what difference does it make?]. "You have treated him cruelly."

"He is but a work in progress. Next he loses his feet." [I'm sure he's just doing it to amuse himself.]

She gasped. [The horror.]

"Then his cock, but not his balls. His balls can remind him of his lost manhood [I'm hoping they cauterise it]. Then the nose comes off followed by the ears. Teeth next. And tongue, although perhaps I will leave that for your use," he said with a sneer. [Horf horf.]

It was too much. Her mind started to blacken. How could this happen to a great warrior, a warrior who had risked all to rescue her? [Very easily. Appendages have a very nasty habit of falling off when they're severed. You'd think she'd know.]

"But, of course, you can perhaps delay his torment. Maybe even prevent it. It is in your power." [At this point, I took a break of several months. I'm now working for the NHS and everything! There'll be an update there, not to worry.]

A flush of anger tinted her checks [I think you'll find it's 'cheque'. Or 'cheek']. Of course, she thought, he means to force through this threat [he's going to force through into her threat, etc.]. She would be strong, the poor warrior was dead anyhow.

"You would not help your fellow elf?" said the king, noticing her resolve. "How like an orc." [I should think the orcs aren't interested in helping their fellow elves. I doubt the writer even knows that the orcs were once elves.]

She felt a sting at that. How like an orc. Indeed, it was heartless, like an orc. But could she do otherwise? [None of us can do otherwise. We are all trapped. Forever.]

She recalled cradling Ithalond through his delirium and after, in his fear. He was helpless. She alone could aid the maimed warrior. Very well, she thought. What does it matter? I have done it before for my own pleasure, now I do it for a greater cause. [You keep telling yourself that, dear.]

She knelt before the king and reach [again, typed with one hand, clearly] for his cock beneath his loin cloth.

"No, bitch. You know the rules. Name thyself." [Here we go again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. From now until the end of time. There is no escape.]

She stared at the cruel king. Then slowly and deliberately, she named herself.

"Cock-sucker. Ball-licker. Cum-drinker. Cock-lover. King’s-sheath. Dick-sucker." With each name, the king’s cock twitched beneath his loin cloth [truly remarkable synchronicity]. Soon the warty member protruded free of the cloth [yaaaaaaaaaaay]. She shuddered at what she must do with the thing. But her nipples also hardened and her pussy grew wet. [Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay.]

The king nodded to her. She reach her hands to his cock and felt his warts in her grip [yaaaaaaa- oh fuck off]. She stroked slowly up and down the shaft for a time, bringing the rod to its full length and hardness. She bobbed forward and extended her tongue to the head of the shaft. She worked her tongue around the glans then opened her mouth to take in the pulsing cock. Deliberately, she begin to work up and down the great shaft. [I'm bored now. That was quick.]

With each stroke, she took him deeper into throat [one hand]. She noted coolly that her throat was use to the king, even without the draught: she did not choke or gag [my, isn't she a lucky girl]. She began to pick up speed. Without realizing it, her hands moved to the king’s balls and felt the familiar weight and warmth of their mass. She now dove with eager, wet slurps on the glans at the beginning of each stroke.

When the cock quivered with impending explosion, she pulled it from her throat so that she could catch his gush ['gush'] in open mouth. For a moment, she stared at the smooth glans, stared into the hole that promised the cum. Then the king errupted. [One. Hand.]

The flood was greater than any before it [truly, this is the Great Flood]. It immediately filled her mouth to overflowing. It splashed up her face, into her nostrils [bloody hell]. It poured down her chin and slid and thick, gooey mass under her gown and between her breasts. The cock continued to spasm, sending more bursts into her open mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could but could not hope to keep up with the flow. [She drowned. The end.]

When the cock started to go limp, she worked it hard with her hands. Then she stood, lifted her gown above her waist and presented her anus to the king. She guided his great cock to rest against her sunken orifice ['sunken orifice'. Oh, you crazy fanfic writers]. She wiggled backwards to force it in but she need not have bothered. The king stood and force it in himself. [Told you he would.]

There was no pain [there is pain. This world is pain. MY LIFE IS PAIN]. The dildos had prepared her well for the cock’s girth [I'm not even going to question that]. She felt only warmth and pleasure in her pussy [it's funny how that works] while the cock probed into her innermost reaches [mmm, lower intestine...]. Unlike her pussy, no cervix barred the way [isn't it, like 8000ft long, or whatever it was? With a head like an apple? Oh, I don't know any more]. With some assisting thrusts of her own she helped the king seat his rod to its full depth in her body. Impaled on his rod, it felt like his cock reached her lungs. [That's probably because it's long enough to do just that.]

The king begin to pump his cock into her depths. She rocked in concert with his thrusts [nah, they're a terrible band]. As he came to climax a second time, she mewed loudly with pleasure [oh great, she's a furry now]. He plunged deep into her with the final spurt of his load and left her impaled on his dick, unable to bend with the stiff rod in her gut. [There's probably someone somewhere who gets off on this stuff. Fear that person, dear reader. Fear them.]

She realized she had closed her eyes for most of the ass-fuck [buttfuck, etc.]. She opened them and took in the gaze of the jeering crowd of the king’s orcs. Bent over, hair falling around her face, cum from her blow-job still dripping from her face, her gown heavy and wet with jizz caught within its folds, impaled on a 12 inch cock fixed into her ass, she could not help but smile in triumph [as you do. If you're insane]. She had accepted the challenge and survived her own battle [is that what they call it nowadays]. She was a warrior of a sort [no] and her actions had aided a fellow elf [no]. Of course, the cock felt exquisite in her ass, too. [Again, no.]

Then she saw Ithalond [oh no, there's a twist!]. He was tied and gagged. But he was positioned to the side so that he could everything [I can everything, too. Everything]. And the horrible shock in his eyes told her he had seen everything. [Dun dun duuuun.]

She shrieked and fainted. [Oh noes!]

When she awoke, she was still in the stinking gown, crusty in places but still mostly damp. She could still taste the king’s semen in her mouth and knew that her face and hair were still coated. She raised herself to a sitting position. She was back in the cell. [It's just like Groundhog Day. Blimey, this is tedious.]

Ithalond sat against the wall staring at her. Staring in disgust.

"Ithalond, I did it to spare you," she cried. [HA HA HA NO.]

He shook his head [I don't blame him]. She tried to explain about the draughts. Told him how much she had loathed what she had down [heh heh, I see what he did there] to save him. Finally, he replied.

"You took him willingly. You enjoyed it. I saw. How could you? Why didn’t you resist?" [Why do you think. That's not a question.]

She burst into tears and hung her head in her arms.

Well, that was fun.

Until next time!


Jaisal Jivabhai said...

Both elves in this "story" need to die.

Also, I demand a recorded dramatic reading of this story.

Teddy Leach said...

Get on board for one, and I'll do so.

Alyss said...

BURN IT WITH FIRE (or force-feed someone ice cream whilst they are reading this)

SF said...

Kill it...kill it...KILL IT! BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS! My eyes! The true rape is not to Celebrian (not when she enjoys it). It's to the reader! THE FOURTH WALL WILL NOT PROTECT YOU. YOUR MIND IS RAPED.

(collapses whimpering) Ugh, I will never recover. This will haunt me until I die.

Alex said...

Gushers are forever ruined for me. Twinkies as well, and I loved the both of them so much! D|<

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